Project Marketing & Sales

Project Marketing

Acumen recognises the role strategic marketing plays in achieving exceptional sales results. We believe that successful marketing management involves capturing marketing insights, connecting with customers, building a strong brand to deliver and communicate value and excellent stakeholder relationships.

At Acumen, we trust in a collaborative approach where the marketing, development and sales teams are involved throughout the entirety of a project. We also believe that in order to maximise performance every land project needs the crucial links between product mix and yield, home builder’s sales teams and digital marketing.

Firstly, the most appropriate product mix must be selected, after careful matching to the demographics of the buyer segmentation. To maximise sales and project yields we approach product mix as a fluid and dynamic factor that takes into consideration lot specifications of popular home designs, what our builder partners require and delivering the customer with value for money.

In addition, Acumen believes it is paramount to have key partnerships with project home builders, not just to establish the right price points and marketing energy in a display village, but also to have house and land packages in the land office where maximising the customer experience and sales conversion is critical.

Finally, applying the marketing expenditure in the most cost effective channels is the key to achieving successful launches and ongoing sales performance.

With traditional forms of marketing quickly moving to the online world, it highlights the growing importance of digital marketing to all buyer segments. The return on investment in digital marketing is far greater than traditional forms of media and at Acumen we work hard to maximise our marketing spend. We know that most home buyers conduct a majority of their research online before they even begin the traditional journey through projects and display villages and therefore are well educated by the time they arrive at the sales office.

To ensure the success of your residential project Acumen can also offer;

▪  Project branding and positioning
▪  Bespoke marketing and media campaigns
▪  Sales display planning and fit outs
▪  Website development and updates
▪  Digital Marketing
▪  Market research and trends

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Residential Sales

The ability to attract and retain top class land sales professionals is the penultimate requirement; no buyer commits their life savings to a new home mortgage without a truly positive experience with a sale professional. Land projects need to be anchored by experienced and capable sales professionals who have excellent linkages to the home building sales representatives. This partnership and systemised sales approach for every purchaser segment from mature consumers and investors, to first home buyers and young families, is vital to achieving the critical success factor, strong and enduring land sales. Land developers rely on regular and accurate reporting of sales performance, a driving energy behind the sales team and well organised contract administration through to settlement. Acumen has forty years of experience in these fields to ensure your project is successful.